Truth or Dare *REQUESTED*

This is a combo of two requests we got! Hope you guys like it!


 You were hanging out with your best friends Louis, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Liam. You were all extremely bored so you decided to play truth or dare. Louis turned to you and yelled “Y/N TRUTH OR DAREEEE!!!??!” You flinched at his loud voice but answered with Truth. He grinned in a freakishly evil way and said “Out of all of the boys in the room right here, who would you snog?” You blushed and replied with “Liam.” Louis chuckled and you continued on with the game. It was Louis’s turn to ask again and he turned to Liam. “Lili, Truth or Dare?” He asked sweetly. Liam didn’t hesitate to answer with Dare. Louis grinned and said “I dare you to call the girl you are in love with.” Liam pulled out his phone, dialling a set of numbers. As you watched, your heart sank. You had always liked Liam and even now as you fished your ringing phone out of your pocket, you were convinced that he liked someone else. You looked down at the name flashing across the screen: Liam Payne. You looked up and him, grinning. That night was the start of a beautiful relationship.


You and the boys were bored so Liam suggested doing a twitcam. You guys had been taking questions the entire time and you decided to play Truth or Dare with the fans. You sat there and watched the boys play, since you didn’t get many questions. You were sitting beside Harry, who you happend to be totoally and completely in love with. He was sitting extremely close because you were all crammed onto the couch. You leaned forward to see a question that was actually directed towards you and when you leaned back, Harry had his arm behind you on the couch. He cheekily smiled at you when you gave him a questioning look. He leaned slightly forward, his arm now around your shoulders as he pretended to read a question on the screen. “Kiss someone in this room? Well how about I also kiss the person I like at the same time?” He grinned, covering the camera with his hand and kissing you. Sadly, Harry removed his hand mid kiss and there were many gifs of you two all over the internet. That didn’t matter though, because you announced your relationship the next day.


You and Niall were really good friends, so it didn’t freak you out when he invited you to sleepover at his house one night. You had always had a thing for Niall, but you didn’t think he felt the same way. You walked up to the door and were about to knock when the door swung open, revealing a very attractive looking Niall. You grinned at him and he grinned back before pulling you into a hug. All of a sudden you heard a loud voice say “GOD, WOULD YOU TWO SNOG ALREADY?!” You jumped back in surprise and peeked around Niall. You were greeted with four unfamiliar faces of four very cute boys. They all jumped up at once, introducing yourselves. Finally, the culprit walked up and said “Hi love, I’m Louis. Sorry about yelling at you, but you two really should snog. You’re the only thing he ever talks about.” You blushed and picked at your nails, something you do when you’re nervous. Niall saw this and grabbed your hand, pulling you inside. Let’s just say that by the end of the night Louis ahd managed to form a new 1D couple.


You and the boys were bored so you decided to play Truth or Dare. Within minutes, Louis had gotten you to admit that you liked one of the boys in the band. It was Niall’s turn to ask someone, and he picked Louis. Niall asked Louis who he liked. You were glad that he didn’t pick you, because if he had asked you that, you would have had to say Louis. You were snapped out of your thoughts to Louis saying “Y/N.” You were stunned, but really excited too. It was Louis’s turn to ask someone and he turned to you. “Y/N, Truth or Dare?” He questioned you, looking deep into your eyes as he did. You swallowed and said, “Well, how about we make this more interesting? How about I kiss the boy I like instead of saying his name?” Louis nodded and you leaned forward, kissing him softly. You pulled back and he grinned. Needless to say, you guys played Spin the Bottle next. That night, you not only kissed the guy of your dreams, but you started a relationship with him too.


You and Zayn had been secretly dating for a while, you just hadn’t told anyone. Not the boys, not Paul or management, the only people who knew were your families. You guys were heading to Louis’s place for a sleepover with the boys and girlfriends. You two had decided that tonight would be the night you told everyone. When everyone was there, Niall suggested a game of Truth or Dare. Within a few minutes, it was Harry’s turn to ask someone. He turned to Zayn and asked him if he wanted Truth or Dare. Zayn answered with Dare, knowing Harry would dare him to kiss you. Sure enough, Harry did. Zayn chuckled, leaned forward and full-out snogged you in front of everyone. You two pulled away and laughed at everyone’s faces. Needless to say, you two were official now.

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- K & M 

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